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About Neue Stijl

We are Neue Stijl

Neue Stijl, (nohyah stahyl) is the digital online portfolio for UI/UX designer Gastonjah. He is a creative designer, focused in brand identity, interaction design and web development. Offering services that go from designing logos, to create or to enhance an identity to fully develop dynamic websites with content management system. Neue Stijl started back in late 2006, during that year former freelance designer Gaston Vera saw the opportunity to create a company to produce and create useful to customers that were looking for professional work at a student project rate.

“As technology progress through time, design is always merging new ways to be displayed, and web design is a new way to approach design, information hierarchy, and data architecture. This is the way the future would be presented to us and because all the technology is revolving around the ever-emerging web solutions, we as designers need to be update with the latest technologies.”

The core essence of Neue Stijl

Interaktiv Haus

Interaktiv Haus got developed while creating great designs, having one on one meetings and by helping the client to reach to a different level of identity that they were before. Neue Stijl is an interactive studio created to provide design and development solutions for potential business and/or individuals. Our conceptual design and affordable rates in contrast with the industry’s standards is what set us apart from the rest. We are a web company made for designing and building visually impressive, hand coded, standards compliant websites.